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AOPVP-ZONE3 communication Discord

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摘要: AOPVP_Zone 2communication DiscordDiscord invitation link: to quickly enter-------------Enter the discord method:The first step is to download steam++ and install it (s ...
AOPVP-ZONE3communication Discord

Discord invitation link: click to enter

Enter the discord method:
The first step is to download steam++ and install it (
The second step is to select discord voice chat, check all enabled, and click one-key acceleration.
The third step is to download discord , install discord and register. Do not fill in the date of birth when registering. You can not enter if you are younger than 13 years old.
The fourth step is to register. Click on the home page in the upper left corner of the discord interface, find Find or start a new conversation, and click.
Step 5, open the browser and copy the URL to join the channel





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