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Good day, angels!

In this update we will be re-visiting mages/assassin/spear, after a few days of testing we think that players will be happy with the new changes.
We will be bringing back the Character Fashion Candy to June Suitcase exchange for 1 week at NPC Resource Manager.

Now for the big new, as people have requested the difference between a new player and a veteran player is none, due to items are gear not being so hard to obtain.
Thats why today we are bringing you updated Achievment Stats and Album Stats. They have been buffed x3 from the original stats.

++This patch contains the following changes:

Juno's Distress has ended and the NPC was removed

Adjusted EXP needed for lvls 60-170
100m exp for lvl 79
200m exp for lvl 119
400m exp for lvl 169

Training Area - adjusted monster/boss lvl and stats
Mysterious Area - adjusted monster/boss lvl and stats
Riddle Area - adjusted monster/boss lvl and stats
Super Area - adjusted monster/boss lvl and stats
Olympus Tower - increased droprate of buffs

Reduced Elite and Boss HP
Remove Straw Pollutant from bosses / Added 1b gold to bosses
+Enchanted Sanctum
Reduced Elite and Boss HP
Remove Straw Pollutant from bosses / Added 1b gold to bosses

Aeternia PD stone - ATK 51500 -> 52000 / Def 51000 -> 50000 / SA 37000 -> 40000 / SD 37000 -> 36000
Equipment AOPVP Gift Box - added a backpack
Dwarves AOPVP Lucky Bag - removed mount / added 50k Skill vouchers / increased droprate to 100%

Resource Manager - updated exchanges
Fashion Princess - fixed 2 pirate sets having a 7 day timer
Fortunia - Added new TOP V spells to buy

++Spell Changes
Defence Wall - changed effect

Bloodthirsty Air - increased DOT dmg / reduced ticks 10 -> 5
Thunder Sword - ranks will no longer stack

Sneak - cooldown 5s -> 10s
Shadowy Killer - increased assasination bonus dmg

Deceptive Clone - fixed ranks replacing ajax buffs
Fighting Clone - now adds SA / fixed stacking with other buffs

Rapidfire - reduced multihits / increased stance power / now stacks with all other bow spells

Hyperspace - reduced SD debuff / removed %def sd debuff
Dimension Breaker - removed %def sd debuff

Sacred Wrath - now has a SD debuff

Passion Warcry - fixed learning this spell replacing Energy Roar
Spearheart - reduced time between ticks 0.5s -> 0.2s / added new effect Increasing ATK and Def

Illusionist - fixed stacking with other spells

Mage Anarchy - removed SA debuff / added SD debuff

Phantom Strike - reduced SD debuff

The update takes about 30 minutes.

Please log out in advance to avoid any data corruptions.

We are much more active on Discord! Come and join us!

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