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[Sys] Angelspvp update announcement!

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Good day, angels!

Due to some side effects caused by new Super Areas added we need to rollback the changes for Super Area.
Thank you for understanding.

++This patch contains the following changes:

New Player 100 Ride - Fixed Item Level
New Player 160 Ride - Fixed Item Level
300L Body's - Removed x2 Skill Exp
305G Body's - Removed x2 Skill Exp
305g Vestment - adjusted MP
305g Shield - adjuested hp/mp
305g Garment - adjusted hp

Resource Manager - updated exchanges
Fashion Princess - updated exchanges

++Totem War
Crashing Hillock - removed Super Terra
South of Mirror Lake - removed Super Terra

Lordly Aura - now costs MP
Flowing Water - now costs MP
Tiger Arts - now costs MP
Drifting Clouds - now costs MP

Limit Breaker - now costs MP
Tough Physique - now costs MP
Anger - now costs MP
Iron Body - now costs MP

Spear Volley - now costs MP / Reduced time to hit / reduced cooldown
Horizon Divider - changed effect
Frosty Stab - reduced time to hit / reduced cooldown to 1s
Burst Spike - reduced time to hit
Deadly Sweep - reduced time to hit
Spear Shower - reduced time to hit
Gae Bolg - reduced time to hit

Steel Rain - reduced time to hit / increased stance power

The update takes about 30 minutes.

Please log out in advance to avoid any data corruptions.

We are much more active on Discord! Come and join us!

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