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Good day, angels!

In todays update, we are briging you some improvements to the Star Blessing, Item Mall bags droprate increase, Instance re-works and bug fixes.

++This patch contains the following changes:

+Magikale’s Crisis
Extended untill 10.08.2021

+Daphne’s Elf Game
During the event period, [Daphne] will be in Angel Lyceum to provide event information and other services.
Players can collect 10 [Elf Card Pack Vouchers] from [Daphne] every day.
Use an [Elf Card Pack Voucher] to trade for an [Elf Card Pack] from [Daphne].
Open an Elf Card Pack to get one of the following: [Ocean Elf Card], [Fire Elf Card], or [Wind Elf Card].
Players can use the Elf Cards to play the [Elf Game] with Daphne during the event period.
The rules of the [Elf Game] are as follows: Daphne and the player will both select an Elf Card to play against each other, and the Elf with the advantageous element will win.
Elemental advantage: Ocean Elf > Fire Elf > Wind Elf > Ocean Elf
If the player plays the same card as Daphne, the game will be a tie and the card played will not be lost.
If the player’s card wins, Daphne will take the card and reward the player with an [Elf Coin]. [Elf Coins] can be used to exchange for event items.
If the player’s card loses, Daphne will take the card and give the player an [Elf Coin Shard] as a consolation. Collect 10 [Elf Coin Shards] to exchange for an [Elf Coin].

++Star Blessing
Fixed 2nd option 500m instead of 50m
4th option gold 300m to 250m
5th option gold 600m to 500m
Increased Stardust droprate x2
Increased Bingo Starforce rewards

+Pet System
Due to server limitation all slots have been enabled.

Goldenia V Skill bags - slightly increased droprate / added gacha bonus reward
Goldenia Robot Lucky Bag - slightly increased droprate / added gacha bonus reward
Goldenia Ride Lucky Bag - slightly increased droprate / added gacha bonus reward
Chaos Mewbook - changed equip effect
Newbie Blessing Stone - now works correctly in AB
Newbie Angel PD Stone - now works correctly in AB
Goldenia PD Stone - new Broken-Goldenia PD Stone can be exchanged for fixed item in Resource Manager
Lemon Macaron - fix item being a consumable
PEN-LightBlue - fix item being a consumable
Runes lvl 310 - fixed stats
Pet Amplify Egg - improved hammer droprate
Pet Amplify Egg(Gold) - improved hammer droprate
Magical Box - improved soapstone droprate and added Super Magical Box as a drop

Resource Manager - updated exchanges
Production Smith - updated exchanges
Welcome Angel - updated exchanges
Fortunia - updated exchanges

+Evil Ship - now drops top super V
+Horrible Lost Region - added Star Key as rare drop / runstone vouchers / improved pet feed / arcane scrap
+Candy - fixed gold droprate / fix monster lvl and exp gained
+Goldenia - increased exp gained / added gold drop / increased exp voucher droprate

Normal Rate 94%
Good Rate 5%
S Rate 1%

Blade Field - changed trigger on all Ranks to 10 / cooldown 2s -> 10s

Whirlfire - stun 1s -> 2s / stance power increased / range increased
Rumble Barrage - stance power increased / range increased

Mind's Eye - stun 1s -> 2s

Obscurave - cooldown 5s -> 4s / range 5 -> 10 / hp and mp heal increased
Brainjack - now has a chance to reduce enemy percentage defense and spell defense
Holy Soul Shield - increased chance to absorb summon / increased hp restored
Demonic Counter - increased absorb and increased rebound
Putridox Summon - cast 2s -> 1s
Death Pact - cast 2s -> 1s

Holy Beams - cooldown 5s -> 4s / range 7 -> 10

Divine Attend - reduced heal duration
Meditate - reverted SD to last patch

+Staff Hit
Spell Boost - increased mana regen
Sage Aura - increased bonus mana
Particle Refraction - now heals percentage
Shock Absorber - now heals percentage

The update takes about 30 minutes.

Please log out in advance to avoid any data corruptions.

We are much more active on Discord! Come and join us!

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