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[Sys] Server update announcement! !

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Good day, angels!

In this weekly updates, we have tried to add most suggestions from players that have been approved by the mods.
We have added new fashions to the item mall and a new way to obtain ride fashions, currently we are working on a better way for players to obtain the Skinning Knife by gameplay,
for the moment its in the Item Mall.

Due to Axe debuffs 1 shotting all mobs and bosses we have lowered the defense temporarely untill we adjust and test the new HP and Defense values on the endgame bosses.

With the rise of RMT for gold, we took your suggestions and lowered the cost of Star Keys and made them give as much Starforce as spamming with Gold.

++This patch contains the following changes:

++Item Mall
Added Spacious Iron Room (Permanent) 2500 AG
Added Spacious Bank (Permanent) 2500 AG
Added Spacious Guild Bank (Permanent) 2500 AG
Star Key - Price 500 AG to 300 AG
+On Sale
Added Star Key Bundle 3000 AG
+Fashion - Male
Added Roll Blue Male Suit Egg 2000 AG
Added Roll Golden Male Suit Egg 2000 AG
Added Roll Green Male Suit Egg 2000 AG
+Fashion - Female
Added Roll Peach Female Suit Egg 2000 AG
Added Roll Blue Female Suit Egg 2000 AG
Added Roll Purple Female Suit Egg 2000 AG
+Fashion - Robot
Added Skinning Knife 300 AG
+Lucky Bags - Weapons
Removed Level 290 Lucky Bags
Removed Summer Lucky Bags

+Resource Manager
Added Pestle 39 Angel Silver each
Added Bank spacious 29 Angel Silver each
Added Guild Bank spacious 29 Angel Silver each
Added Iron spacious 29 Angel Silver each
Removed Arabian Nights Fashions
Added Roll Fashions
Added Arabian Nights Back PD
+Welcome Angel
Reduced Amp Egg price 2b -> 1b
This is a new NPC that you can exchange some rides and a Skinning Knife for a Ride Fashion version
+Fashion Princess
Added Arabian Nights PD
Added Arabian Nights Weapon PD

Stone of Gods - now tradeable
Star Key - removed blue runes from droplist

+Horrible Lost Region - added Credit badge drops to the first 2 bosses, increased star key droprate, increased overall gold dropped from the instance
+Radiant Castle - added drops to mini bosses and adjusted drops on bosses

++Spell Changes
Angry Charge - reduced armor debuff
Whirlfire - reduced armor debuff
Straight Cleave - reduced armor debuff

Gae Bolg - reduced armor debuff

Hunter's Mark - reduced armor debuff

The update takes about 30 minutes.

Please log out in advance to avoid any data corruptions.

We are much more active on Discord! Come and join us!

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