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Hello dear Angels!

Today we will be merging the old account data with the new server architecture. This update will bring both the client and server versions from to meaning we will have much more rides/items/maps/monsters/spells etc, to work with in the future.

With the release of the update we will reward all players that reported issues with the merge files.

For future updates, we want to revamp alot of our current systems to rewards players and bring more life back into the open world.This means we also plan to update some old unused or outdated systems, but it will all take time to properly revamp and test.

If you have any suggestions on how we can revamp certain systems, leave a suggestion on Discord so we can discuss it.

In the merge update, there are the following changes:
League War UI Menu texts are fixed
New Exchanges have been added to the Shop
League War Weekly rewards have now better rates
Login Rewards have been updated to give usefull items for the whole month
Pet Leveling has been revamped, now a pet will level 1-79/80-119/120-169 normally without skipping levels, this means that the house Pet Training Exp has been updated also.
With this pet change, people will be able to level pets faster to lv300+.
Pet Equipment System has been added to the game, while we still don't have custom items for it, maybe we can use it to make pets create again
Job Angel will now offer free skill changes for players lvl 300 and below
Skill 1 and Skill 2-4 Angel have now been replaced with 2 new NPC's Spells/Stances and Recipes
Prices on all Recipes/Skills/Stances have been updated also outside of the 2 new NPC's added to the game
Order rates have been adjusted up to max level
Gear Clerk has his item price adjusted and the droprate of his tickets was increased
Olympian Runes will now return as much Starforce as that level costed to upgrade if you decide to destroy them
Production Smith now has more rewards for producers
Resource Manager has new Ride PD's added
Safe keys 7-24 have been added to the game
Dungeon Lost Region has been revamped for melee builds to level there
Olly now has an updated shop for your Olympus Certs

With all that in mind we have decided to adjust all HBS/Farm/House/Dailies exp and skill exp up to max level, as we think our current values are good
AL Map has been changed, you can now put Stalls on different locations and Houses can be put only in the new area Angel House Area
NPC Astrologer and Daily Events return, both of these will be updated in the next few updates

Now are have some spell changes,
Steel Rain - has been reverted to the original spell, now with a 3 second cooldown, stacking with all other spells, 1SP Cost
Rapidfire - has been reverted to the original spell, meaning multihit has been increased and its now 1SP cost
Mind's Eye - has been reverted to the original spell, the stun has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1
Deceptive Clone - has been reverted to the original spell, meaning u now cannot use other clone buffs, while using this spell, we hope that this will bring the balance of tankiness that players invisioned when they wanted the spell changed
Zen Blade - has been reverted to the original spell
Blade Field - has been reverted to the original spell
Mad Enhancement - cooldown has been reduced to 6 seconds to help with rebuffing
Spearheart - the atk and def has been reduced to 5k on rank V, but you now also  gain 1600sd on rank V
Sage Aura - Spell Attack  from Spell Boost proc has been moved here, the spell now has a chance to proc the Erosion Debuff, does not stack with Anger/Tought Phys
Spell Boost - no longer has a SA proc
Anger - now adds flat SA and ATK, does not stack with Tought Phys/Sage Aura
Particle Refraction - now adds  flat SD to help mage vs mage
Shock Absorber - now adds flat Def to help mage vs melee

General Item Changes:
All stats from fashions have been removed, including producer stats this time.
All Fashions are now tradeable.
All Fashions have rest time removed.

Angelsonline new version update file download
Name: AOPVP_NEW PATCH_8014.rar
Size:266 MB
MEGA   drive link

Make a copy of the current angelspvp game folder and put the manual update in the new folder.

Maintenance time is 9 a.m. EDT on September 11
Please exit early to avoid data errors.

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