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[Sys] Server update announcement !

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Hi angels this week we implemented a new trinkets system, I hope you like it.¿
we also added Ag for participating in the AA, the store will update over time, adding great and expected rewards

++Item mall
Re special lucky bags
divine attend V
Anger V
Sage Aura V

++spells Changes
Axe Pummel 10hits>12 hits stance power 6000>7000
demonized weapons 1000SA>2000 SA
Mana overlflow increase the thunders
Ballad now is self dont share buff to others
All enchance spells change to Sp Again.
Mirror reflect Sd adjusted
Sacred Wrath Sd debuff 1500>3000
Mage Anarchy sd debuff 1500>3000

++Green Angel Exchange
Added alot of new shapeshifts

Updated prices in Top Super V exchange

++Resource Manager
Updated Angel Silver exchange
Updated Angel gold Bound exchange
Updated Angel Gold exchange

++Daily Events Exchange
Byakko and Suzaku trinkets have been added for 5 Gold Coins.

++New System
+All The AA Versions give Angel Gold Bound Can win 5k ag winning this event.

+Totem Battle Rewards

After a Totem Battle ends, an NPC called Battle Angel will spawn near each Terra Keeper.
Battle Angel will be there for only 1 hour and players can claim their rewards and exchange for items.
To claim rewards, your league needs to control the Totem in that map.

+New Items from winning Totem Battles
You can talk to npc Battle Angel and exchange Byakko/Suzaku Trinkets for a newer stronger version.

Use magic Report

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