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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2: Closed Beta Update 1

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Patch Notes: Closed Beta Update 1
1)Enabled/Disabled some achievements and reduced requirements to complete for all achievements.
2)Fixed Pet Training in house giving too much exp
3)Added Collection/Facture cards to Dailies Clerk
4)Added Skill Exp Ball to Dailies Clerk
5)Added Irom Room to Dailies Clerk
6)Changed 3* to 4* Hammers in Dailies Clerk
7)Reduced Prices in Dailies Clerk
8)Fixed Ticket Angel option showing wrong prize bags
9)First Prize Lucky Bag - Changed rewards
10)Changed Phantom Diamond to Phantom Stone in Item Mall
11)Removed selling/buying price from item mall potions
12)Fixed lvl 35/45/55 Armor Boxes names and drops, garment box will now also drop a shield
13)Updated Ball tickets Description to give enough information without crashing the client while in an exchange shop
14)Added Newbie Skill Exp Ball trinkets in Green Angel
15)Nerfed House Monster Hatching exp to 10k per boss
16)Terra Keeper will no longer provide services during ongoing Totem Battle
17)Removed halloween Decorations in AL
18)Added Xmas Decorations in various maps
19)Fixed League War Info, not showing the correct times
20)Fixed Angel Elementary result screen not showing Skill Exp and Credits properly
21)Death Notice will now kill in 3 seconds
22)Revival on Death Notice will now last longer
23)Death Notice/High and Normal Recovery Notice will now have a 12 hour cooldown
24)Recovery Notice will now have a 4 hour duration
25)Fixed DG Totem stats
26)Changed extra drops in all 35/45/55 Bags
27)Changed lvl 50 mount bag to lvl 45
28)Reduced Lucky bag prices 35/45/55 - 200/300/400 => 100/200/300
29)Silence duration changes 1/2/3/4/5 => 3/4/5/6/7

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