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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 11:
1)Changed in-game decorations
2)Added Bloody Lion and Swift Train as drops from MKP and GR Last boss loot box
3)Added new rides to Instance Clerk
4)Updated NPC Hunter with many new Ride PD exchanges
5)Fixed display bug on Red Devil Fork and Green Devil Fork
6)Changed 28 day login PD reward
7)Updated online time Skill vouchers from 300 to 1000 skill exp
8)Added new Fashions to the Item Mall
9)Spell Changes:

Mage Common:
Action Sealed - removed delay, all ranks will now trigger cooldown

Azrael - updated stats, changed spell from Magic Bomb to Phoenix Fire
Corpse Delay - reverted name back to Hurt Transfer, will now be a buff again with 10 charges, has a chance to poison the target on-hit
Bone Armor - now works similar to Demonic Resilience
Soul Entangle - can no longer be cast on players

Life Blessing - reduced HP bonus to 5/7/9/11/15
Energetic Light - now scales with SA, aoe range 5 => 12, cast time 3/2.8/2.6/2.4/2, cooldown 10s, rank 1 healing starting at 1693 HP, stacks with all other spells
Heart Beat - now reduces critical also, cooldown 2s => 5s, duration 20s => 10s, cast instant => 0.2s, delay 0.8s to none
Divine Freeze - added to Magic Seller / freezes the caster in place removing all debuffs and restores HP for a period of time

Weak Curse - cast time instant => 0.2s / duration 20s => 10s / now also reduces the targets movement speed by 20%
Tendril Entangle - cast time instant => 0.2 / delay 0.8s => none / cooldown 5s => 7s
Unicorn Soul - removed silence effect, now has a chance to restore HP/MP
Wolf Bellowing - cooldown 10s, duration 5min, now deals extra rotten damage based on MP used
Rebound Spell - now works similar to Rage Armor

Swiftness Spell - moved to Medidate
Demon Surge - cooldown 1 minute, duration 10s, spell damage 15/16/17/18/20, phys defense 5/6/7/8/10, reduces casters mana by 10% every 2 sec for 10 sec
Sage Blessing - spell damage changed to 3/5/6/7/10
Electric Hit - renamed Bolt Discharge, now works similar to Chain Lightning
Ice Trap - renamed Frost Armor / now has a chance to slow down the attacker and reduce attack speed
Thunder Trap - renamed Thunder Armor / now has a chance to hit the attacker with a Thunderstrike
Fireproof Trap - renamed Flame Armor / now has a chance to increase spell critical when attacking

Swiftness Spell - moved
NEW Mana Barrier - added to Magic Seller / increases phys def / reduces max mp
NEW Mana Focus - added to Magic Seller / increases max hp and spell critical

Power Shield - added to Magic Seller / moved / duration 2 min / cast 0.3s / cooldown 20/19/18/17/15 / shield 3000/3500/4000/4500/6000 / Level 60/75/90/105/120
NEW Arcane Burst - added to Magic Seller / chance to increase spell damage when attacking with a staff

10)Updated enhance items in Dailies Clerk
11)Updated enhance items in Olly
12)Reduced effects of Totem Buffs in Totem Battle

Server maintenance at 8 o'clock Eastern Time

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