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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 15:
"Multiple events and new improvements await you in this update. We are trying to bring more fun activities to do while leveling to the new level cap.
Looking at the SA/SD and ATK/DEF Gap increase with the new items, we are taking multiple measures to ensure the balance of pvp remains the same as the level 80 cap."

1)Item Mall:
*Ride PD's have been moved to Section Fashions -> Robot so people can preview them before buying
*Added Producer Robot Lucky Bag
*Added Producer Trinket Lucky Bag
*Added Breezy Summer Furniture Egg (30 Day Items)
*Monster Breath(30 Days) - reduced price
*Gear Fusion Gem - added bundle purchase
*Added more scrolls to Teleport Section
*Added Normal Skinning Knife for AG

2)Bao Clerk:
*Tab Special Exchanges has been updated, hosting all event items from the Romeo Spam Event, players that have leftover items can exchange them

*Flying Position System - cooldown reduced to 30 seconds
*Calling Bleeper - cooldown reduced to 30 seconds
*Escape Potion - cooldown increased to 30 seconds, will no longer make players immune to damage
*1.5 EXP Stone (3 Hours) - renamed to 2X Stone (3 Hours), is now for level 90 and below, will now also give 2x skill exp
*Lvl 96 Light Armor Box - fixed description
*Lvl 96 Gown Box - fixed description
*Rides level 90+ - doubled DEF and SD
*Pet Exp Diamonds - Lowered EXP stored to 25%
*Powerful Alters for lvl 90 have adjusted stats

4)Login Rewards:
*Changed the Day 28 shapeshift

5)New Event:
*"Cleaning the Ocean"
*Event Duration: Drops will be disabled on 27.03.2022 / NPC will leave AL on 03.04.2022
*NPC Agnise will appear in Angel Lyceum, you can ask her for instructions about the event
*Simple How To: Kill Monsters in Atlantis to exchange for Undying Energy / Collect materials with a producer in Atlantis to exchange for Blue Crystal / Kill Whelk monsters and collect Whelk Shell to exchange for a Ride that can be made into a PD during the event only

6)Hunter NPC:
*Added more Ride to PD exchanges

7)Order Manager NPC:
*Updated exchanges with new items

8)Ticket Angel NPC:
*Updated Angel Invoice Lucky Bags

9)Olympus Tower:
*Added DEF and SD to the level 80 trinkets

10)Green Angel:
*All buffs - removed ATK/SA, added HP/MP, new DEF/SD Values level 1 = 250def/200sd, level 2 = 500def/400sd, level 3 = 1000def/800sd

11)New Event:
*"Helping the old Treasure Hunter"
*Event Duration: Treasures will will despawn on 03.04.2022 / NPC will leave AL on 10.04.2022
*NPC Treasure Hunter will appear in Angel Lyceum, you can ask him for instructions about the event
*Simple How To: Go around Atlantis maps and find all the treasure, there are 28 in total. You can claim their rewards every 5 days, then exchange for rewards.

*Card Quests have been enabled
*Fusion Researchers have been enabled

*Fixed some quest descriptions not showing the correct items needed to complete them

14)Spell Changes:
*Punishing Shield - will no longer give DEF / Will no longer stack with Chaos Thunder/Fire/Ice Armors (was not intended to stack)
*Power Shield - reduced DEF to 200/400/600/800/1000
*Accurate Song - reverted to original spell
*Hurt Transfer - lowered cooldown to 1 second
*Injury Cure - increased duration to 5 minutes
*Spliting Attack - cast 0.3s to 0.2s
*Spine Shell - increased duration to 5 minutes
*Ax Trap - cast 0.5s to 0.3s, will no longer give +5 critical after hitting an enemy, will now scale with 30% off-hand atk
*Hell Shield - increased duration to 5 minutes
*Cyclone Stab - doubled stance power
*Spears Trap - added 1000 stance power to all ranks / doubled ATK buff effect
*Exorshield - now all rank are 100% to remove negative effects
*Barrier of Justice - now all rank are 100% to remove negative effects
*Fighting Shield - will no longer give %DEF
*Heavy Armor - will no longer give %DEF / increased %SD 10 to 15 / will now give Soul and Stamina
*Powerfull Beat - off-hand scaling 20% => 30%
*Apollo's Judgement - lowered stance power to 750/1000/1250/1500/2000
*Cross Chop/Swift Slash/Death Chop/Spliting Attack - off-hand atk scaling 35% to 20%
*Close Snipe - will no longer stack with spells if casted first
*Divine Freeze - will now slow the caster by 40% movement speed
*Rebound Spell - duration 5s to 12s / cooldown 20s to 30s / aoe range 8 to 5
*Storm Fury - will now heal 3% HP/MP on all ranks / number of monsters you can heal from increased to 10 / spell power will now be the same as Thunder Fury / cast will now be instant
*Vine Hit(Pet) - duration on all ranks is now 2 seconds
*Sneak - range 4 to 5, will no longer be able to miss

15)Dailies Clerk:
*Added 40 Carat Diamond
*Added Blue Ocean Scroll
*Added Palm Base Scroll

16)League War:
*Statue stats have been increased

17)Holy Battlefield:
*Guard and Statue stats have been increased
Server maintenance at 8 o'clock Eastern Time

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