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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 18:
"After the feedback gathered from players, there are many that are unhappy with the new Assassin rework and there are those are fine with it. Due to how the class itself works and our limited abilities to balance and change the base class without removing it entirely, we have decided to revert the class to its Original Spell Values and Effects so that players can get a better understanding of the class.We are going to gather feedback on how the base class can be improved and only modify damage numbers without any skill reworks.

We apologize for the rework and are reverting all changes.

With this update we are also releasing a custom aopvp event for everyone to enjoy."

1)Weekend Rates:
*Will now be full 48 hours during the weekends

2)Spell Changes:
*Blazing Charm - removed delayed causing the spell to trigger without the cast time penalty
*Heavy Armor/Medium Armor/Light Armor - duration increased to 10 minutes
*Earth Blessing/Earth Bestow - are now self buffs
*Protective Radiance(Pet) - buff will not disappear on death
*All Assassin related spells we had reworked are reverted back to original

3)Totem Battle:
*Bug fixes made to the NPC's
*Totems and Crystals - Increased Defense
*All Totems - increased reputation needed to get ranked up, increased HP

4)Boss Rush:
*NEW Custom AOPVP Event
*Gather up Angels from all around the Eden, the Evil Lyceum will be unleashing terrifying monsters in the Outpost Battlefield. We need your help you restore balance around the Eden.

Any Angels that participate in the defeat of these monsters will be rewarded Boss Rush Tokens that they can exchange in Monster Hunter for rewards!
*Join us on 03.04.2022 Sunday at 13:00 and 17:00 (EDT) in the Outpost Battlefield on Server Channel 2.

5)Holy Battlefield:
*Guard 8 and 9 - reduced HP by 6 times
*Guard 2/3/4/5 - reduced HP by 2 times
*Guard 1 and 10 - increased HP by 3 times
*Fixed NPC names
*Battle Mine - increased amount of materials you can collect

6)Gulp Room:
*Increased Monster Exp so players can level easily from level 60 to 80

*Removed Decorations

8)League War:
*Shop has been updated with new items

*QQ Gummy Fish - increased weight and hardiness
*Artisan Ring - will no longer give weight
*Power Ring - will now give 10 000 weight
*Red/Purple/Blue Soup - healing was reduced from 5% to 2%
*Atlantis: Earth V Bag - added Natural Antibody
*Morquri's Handbarrow - backpack slots increased to 40

10)Daily Events:
*First Daily Event of the day has been moved from 07:00 to 12:00

11)Item Mall:
*Removed Atlantis Material Lucky Bag
*Added Level 85/65 Prod Set Bag in tab On Sale
*Added Wish: Card Bag in tab LuckyBag -> Hot
*Added Belief: Card Bag in tab LuckyBag -> Hot
*Added Flora: Card Bag in tab LuckyBag -> Hot
*Red/Purple/Blue Soup - New price 6 for 99ag

*Increased max materials you can collect from Mutant Materials infront of Lost Region and inside the instances that used to drop Blue Crystal

Server maintenance at 9 o'clock Eastern Time

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