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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 20:
"In this update we reverting some of the old patch changes and adding some improvements to the game.The Custom Gems and PvP Event will be delayed as other more major problems needed fixing first."

*Fixed pimping Copper Badge lvl 25 sets with 2* Hammers
*Fixed descriptions on multiple items
*Instance/Power Backpacks - reverted SD nerf

*Increased EXP for Pets on lower levels
*Disabled Producer Materials for lvl 101 and up to obtainable, will be released back with expansions

*Reduced ATK/SA/DEF/SD of Nightmare Cave Bosses and Monsters
*Nightmare Cave bosses will now drop their quest items from Legendary Soul Stone
*Reverted Monster SD Nerf

*NEW NPC Lost Explorer has appeared in South of Mirror Lake

5)Login Rewards:
*28 Day Fashion has been changed

*Fixed some quest descriptions to make them easier to understand

7)Spell Changes:
*All Mage Spells have been reverted to last update
*Go Green buffs - reverted SD nerf
*Mage spells random damage will now be capped at +-11 spell power
*Fixed Slows getting broken last update
*NEW SPELL Desolation for Staff Hit - can be found in NPC Spell Master
*Blazing Charm - cast time reduction has been reduced to 0.1 seconds per rank

8)Item Mall:
*Added new Fashions
*Added NEW Deep Sea Pet Bag in section Pet
*All old Pet Lucky Bags are now on SALE 99 AG per bag

9)League War:
*Double Exp and Skill Exp stones have been removed from the shop
*Skill Crystal has been added to the shop
*Mount Fashion has been added to the shop

10)Boss Rush:
*Improved Custom AOPVP Event
*Gather up Angels from all around the Eden, the Evil Lyceum will be unleashing terrifying monsters in all Main Cities. We need your help you restore balance around the Eden.

Any Angels that participate in the defeat of these monsters will be rewarded Boss Rush Tokens that they can exchange in Monster Hunter for rewards and also have a chance to drop a rare item!
*Rare Ride PD Drop has been added to Boss Rush
*Boss 2 will now drop 30 drops and boss 3 will now drop 50 drops
*Join us on 24.04.2022 Sunday at 13:00 and 16:00 (EDT) in all Main Cities on Server Channel 2 there will be 3 waves of bosses attacking.

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