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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 32:
"Lost World, many quality of life improvements and new fashions"

1)Lost World(Sunshine Palace):
*Maps have been open
*All monster droprates have been adjusted
*All boss droprates have been adjusted
*NPC Palace Guard in Sunshine Palace offers the ability to enter the Hidden Instance, Guard Chamber to players that have completed Elite 1 and Elite 2 Quests
*NPC Palace Guard offers players under level 140 a daily task to clear Guard Chamber once for rewards

*Elite 2 (Lvl116-120) has been unlocked
*You get your fame has been unlocked
*Change All the time 3 and 4 has been unlocked
*Boss Hunt Guard Chief has been added

3)Login Gift:
*Day 28 Shape PD has been changed

4)Territory Area:
*Territory 2 has been removed from CH / SML / NML / QV
*Territory 2/3 EXP from all monsters has been massively increased
*Territory 1/2/3 Raw gold from all monsters has been increased slightly
*Territory 1/2/3 monster respawn count and respawn times have been improved

*Gold has been increased in all instances

*1000 Skill Bonus Voucher - reduced weight to 1
*Voucher Seed - increased vouchers obtained
*Potions have increased healing values
*Corrupted Skill Crystal - can be used up to level 80

7)Producer Rates:
*Head/Gloves/Boots/Body common crafting is increased to 1% from 0.5%

8)Instance Clerk:
*Fixed wrong exchanges in Dungeon tab
*Reduced price for Level 110 Gem Bags
*Added Lost World exchanges

9)Item Mall:
*New Fashion sets have been added

10)Moon Maid:
*New Card Bags have been added

11)Information NPC:
*New NPC Information has been added near Angel's Tutor
*The NPC has useful information that players can read and also 4 little secrets to discover for great rewards

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