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AOPVP-ZONE3 update

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摘要: Patch Notes: Update 5:"New Expansion with a new Season"Seasonal Style Progression:*Angel ArenaHas a new Season that adds new spells and makes the older one easier to obtain, currency is not reset*Tote ...
Patch Notes: Update 5:
"New Expansion with a new Season"

Seasonal Style Progression:
*Angel Arena
Has a new Season that adds new spells and makes the older one easier to obtain, currency is not reset
*Totem Battle
Has a new Season that adds new Badges and removes the old once, currency will be reset upon a new Season
Every expansion that releases new Gear, all Gold and Daily Coins will be reset

1)New Expansion
*Level Cap has been increased to 340
*Aeternia has been opened
*Max Craftable gear is 290s
*Level 280 and below crafting has increased rates
*290 Mount/Robot Crafts can be found in the Level 30 Recipe Shops

2)Totem Battle
*Removed Monday/Wednesday/Friday Wars
*Made Sunday a 22 hours war
*Removed Totem War Buff

3)Terra Clerk
*Add all badges up to level 15
*These will be all badges for this Season in the Terra Clerk
*Made the Terra Bosses spawn 2 times a day (old 21:00) to (new 09:00 and 21:00)
*Increased Gold obtained from Terra 1 to 4

*Fixed pet level up translations

*Lowered Total KO to 1,500 at max
*Fixed multiple Title names

*Will now respawn 2 times faster
*Will now be able to collect 2 times more materials

7)Gear Clerk
*Added new Growth gear up to level 290

8)Dailies Clerk
*Adjusted all Prices
*Added Bleesed Cape
*Added Gem Gauge
*Overall lowered all gold needed for exchanges, but increased the Coins required

9)Quick Reflexes
*Now you have a chance to drop Stat Scrolls/Revive Scrolls/Notices when opening chests

10)Item Mall
*Adjusted many prices
*Moved Weapons/Armors/Mounts into high-rate Lucky bags 5-7% Chance to Drop
*Improved Terra Lucky Bag, added the chance to drop more Terra Token and slighlty increased the chance of Power Chunk

*Lowered prices of all rank 1-4 spells by half
*Lowered price of SP Power Scrolls

12)After maintenance on October 19, 2023 to November 02, 2023
The stored value ratio is increased to 1:1200





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