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AOPVP ZONE 3 is officially open !!!

2023-8-11 23:02| 查看: 249| 评论: 0
摘要: AOPVP Zone 3 is officially open !!!Players can join the server and start their adventure.Level Cap: 300Expansion: Arcanax100 times faster levelingx1000 times faster skillingx10 times more goldStarter ...
AOPVP Zone 3 is officially open !!!

Players can join the server and start their adventure.

Level Cap: 300
Expansion: Arcana

x100 times faster leveling
x1000 times faster skilling
x10 times more gold

Starter Gear and Spells up to level 100
Growth Gear for levels 150-200-250 In the Item Mall
High Producer crafting rates from level 100-250

Enjoy many events to join DAILY

4 Angel Arena
12 Dailies
1 Totem War

Join Angel Arena's to receive Angel Medals and obtain strong level 5 skills
Join Totem battle and get Token to upgrade you're rank badge
Join Dailies to upgrade you're gear from 250 to 260 and enhance it to the moon

No boring PVE camping, monsters and bosses are used for leveling and farming gold

Start now and enjoy the new and fresh adventure





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