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AOPVP-ZONE3 update

2023-10-10 19:38| 查看: 443| 评论: 0
摘要: Patch Notes: Update 4:"Arena Season 2, New Fashions, Compensations"1)Client and Server*We have fully moved to the UJ Taiwan version of the game*Removed Features:Droprates on Lucky BagsLeague War*Added ...
Patch Notes: Update 4:
"Arena Season 2, New Fashions, Compensations"

1)Client and Server
*We have fully moved to the UJ Taiwan version of the game
*Removed Features:
Droprates on Lucky Bags
League War
*Added Features/Fixes:
Sit on HP/MP Below % in Angel Baby
Inspect Player Equipment
Switch Channels
Auto Attacks with 2 Fashion Weapons no longer causes weird Animation that hits 2 times
Items Stack up to 9999
Character Deletion has been Enabled

*Fixed Sprites on some menu's being from the English Version
*Fixed Missing Descriptions on Lucky Bags
*Fixed Descriptions that are too long to crash the client in exchanges
*Fixed some Quests being too long without any new lines, making them appear very big on the screen

-Date Format Day/Month/Year
*Boosted x3 Rates have been enabled from 08.10.2023 until 29.10.2023
*Christmas Boosted x3 Rates have been added from 23.12.2023 until 26.12.2023
*New Year Boosted x3 Rates have been added from 30.12.2023 until 02.01.2023

4)Item Mall
*Changed Price and Improved Droprate on Terra Lucky Bag
*Added new Fashions and Ride PD

5)Login Rewards
*Reward Login Count has been changed to 1/3/5/7/14 to claim all rewards

6)Login Rewarder
*Many new Fashions have been added

7)Terra Clerk
*Added new Badges
*Added Terra Token to Credits exchange

8)Gear Clerk
*Moved many weaker spells from Arena Clerk, now you can purchase them with Gear Token

9)Arena Clerk
*Added Season 2 Spells

10)Angel Arena
*Season 2 of Arena is starting
*Changed amount of medals given at different placements
1 - 60
2 - 40
3-4 - 30
5-8 - 20
9-16 - 12
17-32 - 8





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