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AOPVP-ZONE3 update

2023-11-17 16:38| 查看: 315| 评论: 0
摘要: Patch Notes: Update 9:"Pets and Angel Arena"1)Item Mall*Added new Fusion Pets*Added Angel Gold Shards and Packages2)Dailies Clerk*Added new Fusion Pets3)Totem battle*Wednesday -2 Hours*Saturday +4 Hou ...
Patch Notes: Update 9:
"Pets and Angel Arena"

1)Item Mall
*Added new Fusion Pets
*Added Angel Gold Shards and Packages

2)Dailies Clerk
*Added new Fusion Pets

3)Totem battle
*Wednesday -2 Hours
*Saturday +4 Hours

4)Angel Arena
*Will now reward Angel Gold Shards also

*Added Resource Manager

6)Terra Boss
*Increased chunk droprate by 10% on all bosses

7)Power Stones
*Prod stone is now tradeable
*Prod stone now has a higher chance to drop
*Bosses now have a chance to drop Sealed stones





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