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AOPVP-ZONE3 update

2023-12-1 16:45| 查看: 368| 评论: 0
摘要: Patch Notes: Update 10:"New Expansion"1)Goldenia Is Here*Level Cap increased to level 360*Goldenia Maps are open and visible*New Items added for Daily Coins*New Badges added in Terra Clerk*Changed to ...
Patch Notes: Update 10:
"New Expansion"

1)Goldenia Is Here
*Level Cap increased to level 360
*Goldenia Maps are open and visible
*New Items added for Daily Coins
*New Badges added in Terra Clerk
*Changed to Xmas Decorations
*Fixed wrong pet names
*Increased Totem Stats
*Added Enhancement Stone to the Item Mall
*Lowered Requirements for some Achievments





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