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AOPVP-ZONE3 update

2023-8-24 20:45| 查看: 432| 评论: 0
摘要: Patch Notes: Update 2:1)Totem Battle*moved war 6 hours ahead*Reduced stats on Crystals and Totems2)Dailies*Removed old dailies and Added Quick Reflex3)Angel Arena*Fixed no AA's on Sundays4)Achievement ...
Patch Notes: Update 2:

1)Totem Battle
*moved war 6 hours ahead
*Reduced stats on Crystals and Totems

*Removed old dailies and Added Quick Reflex

3)Angel Arena
*Fixed no AA's on Sundays

*Fixed missing titles
*Increased rep making max REP now possible

*Increased EXP gained from x100 to x500 on the base EXP

*Rank 1-4 Spell scrolls will now be tradeable
*Rank 1-4 Spell scrolls will now x10 reduced cost

*Reduced the manuf speed to minimum time of 1 second
*Reduced the col speed to minimum time of 1 second
*Added new Ride Craft Recipe
*Adjusted Ride Craft rates to 150 - 10%, 200 - 10%, 250 - 1%
*Craft rates at and below 240
Armor 10% S-Class 20% Good
Other 5% S-Class 15% Good

250 and above
Armor 1% S-Class 10% Good
Other 0.5% S-Class 10% Good

*Changed price of SP Scrolls
*Added new Potions to Healer

9)Item Mall
*Added Lux Poke egg
*Added IPF
*Removed 250 gear and added 260 gear
*Added Suriya Trinkets
*Added 260 Mounts

10)Dailies CLerk
*Added Suriya Trinkets
*Added 260 Mounts





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